lunedì 8 febbraio 2010

T-34/76 M 1942 (1/72 scale)

What hasen't already been said about the legendary T-34? The tank that surpriesd the Germans and contributed to the final victory of the allies. The tank that is a synonym for mass serial production, cost reduction, simple and effective design, extreme roughedness for constant reliability in extreme conditions. I have always been fascinated by the incredible reputation this tank earnd it's self. It was very reliable, easy to repair, simple to mantain, had excellent mobility on all terrain and could operate in very low temperatures; an absolute must for any WW2 AFV modeler.
The second model I fineshed for my collection in 2006 was Italeri's 1/72 T-34/76. It's not the most accurate kit of the T-34, but it has a good price, simple construction and great link and length tracks (When I baught the kit Dragon hadn't yet released their new T-34 series in 1/72).
I used a different painting style this time. I tried to adopt Verlinden's style for this tank by using extensive layers of heavy washes (artist oil paints)and drybrushing (Humbrol enamels). These techniques were common back in the 90'ies, but are kind of obsolete today. Pigments, filters and all the rest have overtaken the scene (yes I know that drybrushing and washes are still used today, but more sparingly and only for certain effects). I also started experimenting with pigments on this tank (notice the overdone rust!! upss), but you can see that there is no earth stuck to the wheels. It,s just too damn clean!!! Most people (probably not modlers) really like the way this tank looks, I guess the strong chromatic value achieved by the green drybrushing pleases the eye.

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