giovedì 4 febbraio 2010

SD.KFZ.234/2 PUMA (1/72 scale)

This was the first kit I bought after a loooong time back in 2005. The PUMA is regarded as the best scout/reconnaissance vehicle of the German army in WW2, possibly the best scout car of the whole war. The slick and functional design of the PUMA inspired the development of wheeled fighting vehicles to this day (like the American Stryker or German Fuchs).
This little 1/72 kit is very simple to build, has no fitting problems and offers good quality and detail for the price. The model was hand painted with Vallejo acrylics and weathered with Tamiya's weathering kit. It was a fast build and the paint job was done in two weeks (I had to study for exams so I had very little time to spend on my AFVs).
My skills have improved a great deal from back then, but I still like the way my PUMA looks. If you are curious about the model or have any suggestions please leave your comments and I will answer. Enjoy the photos, Thank you.

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