lunedì 10 maggio 2010


I had a box of 1/35 US paratroopers laying on my shelf and decided to build and paint them for fun. Its great to venture into subjects and scales that you usually don't build. I found it very stimulating and fun. There are so many great 1/35 sculptures out there, and there are so many good artists who bring them to life so I couldn't resist and had to paint mine.

This Yank belongs to Dragon's (U.S. ARMY AIRBORNE OPERATION VARSITY 1945) kit. I built him straight out of the box. The only thing I added was the muddy base. Since I don't usualy paint figures I haven't really developed my own technique. Most modellers today prefer to paint figures by applying the zenithal principle of light. I just decided to play the movie SAVING PRIVATE RYAN while painting my figure and improvise the whole way. Hehehe I thought this would help me give a realistic twist to my painting.

I used Vallejo acrylics for most of the figure. The only exceptions are: enamel metalizers used on the metal buttons, buckles, pistol, knife and the Thompson sub-machine gun; while pure burnt sienna oil paint was applied over a base coat of Vallejo (310) OLD WOOD paint for the wooden parts on the Thompson.

To paint the various textiles I would first apply by brush two coats of mildly diluted paint. Then I would apply a wash, after it settled, I would make a first dry brushing run with the base color. Then I would apply the same wash again and then a second drybrush with the base color but lightened a bit. Next I would add a diluted earth toned color and would paint it in the highlited areas to simulate a dirty and used uniform. Here I will apply this procedure to the painting of my figure's jacket:

A. two coats of 70% Vallejo (893) US DARK GREEN-(base color) + 30% water

B. first wash with 20% Vallejo (822) CAM. BLACK BROWN + 80% water

C. several runs of light drybrushing with Vallejo (893) US DARK GREEN

D. second wash with 20% Vallejo (822) CAM. BLACK BROWN + 80% water

E. last drybrushing with with 20% Vallejo (893) US DARK GREEN + 80% (815) BASIC SKINTONE

F. apply diluted 20% Vallejo (921) ENGLISH UNIFORM + 80% water on to the brighter “rased” parts of the uniform.

G. If you whish you can apply a third wash with 10% Vallejo (822) CAM. BLACK BROWN + 90% water to blend all the layers in. Remember not to put too mutch wash onto the figure and in the creases. When applying the wash the figure should look wet with just a bit more wash in the creases and cracks than on the rased areas.

You can apply this simple method to all the other parts of your figure, trousers, pouches, canteen changing only the first color. So instead of Vallejo (893) US DARK GREEN you can use 80% Vallejo (890) REFLECTIVE GREEN + 20% (824) CAM. ORANGE OCHRE as your base color or only (824) CAM. ORANGE OCHRE if you need to make canvas bags and packs. I suggest you don't use black for shadows and white for highlights, this is very important!

I hope this helps you, think positive and have a good day!